Orr remember this? I was so excited to do this! I hope I can restore it.
Whitefriars Glass Catalogues
There are 2333 images in the Catalogues Database
This is the new Catalogues Section. Now for the first time the catalogues are searchable and cross referenced, so we can see among other things see which items appeared in which catalogues and see the item in their catalogue context. I have also incorporated the original spreadsheet developed by Ian Price which gives a short description on most pieces.
There is a lot more work to do, I have to process the remaining catalogues, and try to locate missing ones.
Please Contact Us if you have any catalogues not listed here!.


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1931 Catalogue
1938 Catalogue

1940 Catalogue
1957 Catalogue
1964 Catalogue
1966 Catalogue
1969 Catalogue
1972 Catalogue
1974 Catalogue
1978 Catalogue

Cut Glass
M Patterns (Moulded)

Catalogues awaiting to be processed

1949 (Have Catalogue)
1950 (Have Catalogue)
1960 (Have Catalogue)
1970 (Only have part of the cat)
1971 (Have Catalogue)
1973 (Have Catalogue)
1980 (Have Catalogue)