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Listing Whitefriars Decanters
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Listing Whitefriars Decanters
Cocktail Set in golden amber with unpolished intaglio cutting, with six coctail glasses, pat 9074
William Wilson
Sherry decanter in sea green with u npolished intaglio cutting cutting designed by W Wilson
Barnaby Powell
Square decanter with leaf shaped stopper in sea green
Harry Powell
Engraved version of the classic decanter
Harry Powell
Amber decanter with prunts and a silver stopper
Probably Harry powell
Amber decanter with leaf shaped stopper. Produced until mid 1930's
harry Powell
Funnel Shaped decanter in sky blue
Harry Powell
Needs Research any info let me knoow
Needs research let me know
Harry Powell
Finely blown decanter fluted and applied with trailing
Harry powell




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