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Marks & Labels on Whitefriars Glass

Marks on Whitefriars Glass
A very small amount of whitefriars glass was ever permanently marked.
The Studio Range of 1969 designed by Peter Wheeler were the only regularly marked examples of Whitefriars, these items were produced for less than a year and engraved with Whitefriars, the pattern number and date.


Whitefriars did not acid etch mark the base of their glass.

There have been many labels used by Whitefriars over the years. Originally James Powell & Sons of London 1834 had no marks or labels .  

1. They started using the paper label from 1870 to 1923 it was a round old works label with 'POWELL WHITEFRIARS GLASS WORKS' 

1920s Label

2. From 1920 approx to 1950 a round paper labels was used with a friar holding a banner with 'POWELL WHITEFRIAR'S GLASS

1940s Label

3. From 1940 approx a  paper label depicting a friar  with an arched rectangle with metallic blue on silver 'WHITEFRIARS CRYSTAL'

foil Label

4. From 1950 approx to 1963 a paper label with a friar 'WHITEFRIARS CRYSTAL MADE IN ENGLAND'

Paper Label

5. From 1963 to 1979 a paper label in the new graphic style with a styalised friar 'WHITEFRIARS HAND-MADE CRYSTAL' by this time the company had changed its name to Whitefriars Glass Ltd .

1963-1979 label

Export Items
Before 1963 export items had a round blue metallic label

1963-1979 label

Paper labels 1963-1979 and bold Whitefriars text 1963 - 1980 .
At the turn of the twentieth century there was a variety of different  labels for many different ranges and items.

Export Label

Label with Union Jack Flag (in one piece)
Probably for export post 1963

Probably for Canadian export

1963-1979 label



Labels some examples
Whitefriars labels that you might come across-starting left to right

Label Examples

(1) Dated after 1963 because of the styalised monk.
(2) 1978 label
(3) Paper label the London Design Center label 1940s
(4) Dated after 1963 because of the styalised monk.
(5) Used between 1963 & 1979.


Some examples of pattern number stickers

Pattern Number Labels

Whitefriars pattern number stickers that you might come across-starting left to right
(1) Pattern number sticker 1974-1980.
(2) Pattern number sticker 1971.

Thanks to John T Coll for writing this article.


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