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My earliest pieces. I have a pair, 12 were made for Queen Victoria's table, when she visited the city. There is one in the V&A. Colour is Topaz and they used Uranium.
Tall wine glass with pulled down green threads. The stem is twisted. Part of the Count Minerby service (very rare)
Harry Powell
Cocktail Set in golden amber with unpolished intaglio cutting, with six coctail glasses, pat 9074
William Wilson
Sea Green Goblet diamond moulded bowl and foot, gold foil in the knob.
Harry Powell
Sherry decanter in sea green with u npolished intaglio cutting cutting designed by W Wilson
Barnaby Powell
Mounted in iron dish in wrought iron. (pat620 in book)
Harry powell
Finger bowl and stand, Sea green with blue melted pulled in threads
Harry Powell
Can't find out about this one at the moment (any ideas) it's definatly Harry Powell
Harry Powell
Blue opal, We need more information on this one.
Harry Powell
Extremely delicate Venitian inspired Taza in sea green
Harry Powell




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