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My earliest pieces. I have a pair, 12 were made for Queen Victoria's table, when she visited the city. There is one in the V&A. Colour is Topaz and they used Uranium.
Dark green early wineglass designed for Wiallam Morris's red house Extremely rare.
Philip Webb
Controversial set in red opal. If the glasses at Manchester exhibition were Whitefriars, so are these. They have a white blob at the base of the stem. pat 1464
Harry Powell
Tall wine glass with pulled down green threads. The stem is twisted. Part of the Count Minerby service (very rare)
Harry Powell
Beautiful threaded drinking glass
Probably Harry Powell
Stunning wine glass in flint with combed cranberry detail. I'd like to know a lot more about this one!
probably Harry Powell
Fan vase with with air twist stem
Harry powell
Sea Green Goblet diamond moulded bowl and foot, gold foil in the knob.
Harry Powell
Stunning goblet in flint with gold leaf in the knob designed about 1905 and produced untill the 1930's
Harry Powell?
Finger bowl in the "Roman" style ispired by roman fragments made untill the mid 30's
Harry Powell




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