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Whitefriars Glass from 1925 - 1950
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Rare Saphire vase with geometric sun over water wheel engraved design, by Albert Tubby. (Rubbish photo sorry)
Shape by James Hogan
Cocktail Set in golden amber with unpolished intaglio cutting, with six coctail glasses, pat 9074
William Wilson
A pair of stunning vases in sappire with bubbled ribbon trailing in amethyst on a solid pedastal foot.
James Hogan
Golden amber vase with internal optic ribbing, on a pedastal foot. (very rare)
James Hogan
Vase sea green with blue bubble ribbon trailing. On a solid pedestal foot Pat no.8975
James Hogan
Finger bowl in the "Roman" style ispired by roman fragments made untill the mid 30's
Harry Powell
Golden Amber deep polished intaglio cut vase. Patter number 9043
William Wilson
Vase with sky ble with amethyst spots in tear decoration
Barnaby Powell
Cut "art deco" bowl on a thick pedastal foot, in gold amber. Albert Tubby a glass cutter at the factory designed the engraved pattern.
Barnaby Powell
Sherry decanter in sea green with u npolished intaglio cutting cutting designed by W Wilson
Barnaby Powell




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