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The purpose of this site is primarily educational. Image upload is allowed and encouraged if the user's motives are in accord with this purpose. Acceptable uses of the image uploader include:

  • To illustrate questions and answers
  • To share information
  • To request information
  • To find the manufacturer of your item.
Since Whitefriars.com is a family-friendly site, we will not tollerate unsuitable images.

Public Viewing & Granting of Limited Rights
Be aware that, your photo will be displayed to the public. Your image may be included in the Whitefriars.com Q&A, in the Gallerys, or in other areas of the Web site.

By uploading, you are allowing Whitefriars.com to publish the photo on our Web site. If we ever consider publishing your photo in any print media or on another Web site owned by Whitefriars.com, we will contact you first for permission.

Public Critique
Once posted, the image will be open to public comment and critique. Although we monitor all comments for appropriateness, negative comments - as long as they are not abusive or otherwise ill-natured - may be posted along with your photo. Most comments at Whitefriars.com, however, tend to be constructive and motivated by an honest desire to help collectors learn about glass.

Copyright of the image remains the property of the photographer.

All rights in the photo must be the property of the person uploading the photo.

Privacy Policy
Whitefriars.com does not sell our Members' email addresses or personal information. All information submitted to Whitefriars.com is not to be sold or used in any way that violates your right to privacy. Upon registration as a Whitefriars.com member, email addresses are collected for the purpose of answering questions and responding to visitors. In the Whitefriars.com Q&A, authorship is attributed to a member by displaying their name.

Spam is never endorsed at Whitefriars.com.

Whitefriars.com does not endorse or tolerate unsolicited sales emails through our automated contact forms. Individuals or companies may not email Whitefriars.com members through any Whitefriars.com Discussions.

When Whitefriars.com contacts our own Whitefriars members, it will not be considered unsolicited email.

Whitefriars.com may advertise anywhere on our site, Whitefriars.com does not allow intrusive advertising such as pop-ups or pop-unders. Advertising may be found to match specific images, titles, or descriptions. Whitefriars.com reserves the right to change advertising on the site at any time.

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