Whitefriars Glass. Glass items manufactured by James Powell and Sons from the Whitefriars Glassworks, England

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Your guide to collecting and buying Whitefriars Glass manufactured at the Whitefriars Glassworks, England. (1720 - 1980)

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Whitefriars Glass History
Whitefriars Glass was manufactured by James Powell and Sons, at the Whitefriars Glassworks on part of the site of the former medieval 'White Friars' monastery, situated south of Fleet Street, London. In 1834 the firm of James Powell & Sons was founded and the trade name "Whitefriars" was added in 1919. The company moved out of Fleeet Street to Wealdstone, Harrow in 1923. Here we explore the most successful English Glasshouse, it's 300 year history and it's glass art.

Whitefriars Glass Designers
Whitefriars, one of the most innovative factories of the last century, producing high quality work by some of the leading designers of their time, including Harry Powell, Barnaby Powell, James Hogan, William Wilson, Harry Dyer, Tom Hill, T.G.Jackson, Philip Webb and Geoffrey Baxter. Highly sought after and collectable, share your knowledge on Whitefriars Glass and the designers.

Whitefriars Glass in the 60s
Whitefriars 60's glass is dominated by the designer Geoffrey Baxter. Designs in this period are typically vases such as the drunken bricklayer, The Banjo Vase, Coffin Vases, Bark Vases, Chess Vases, Onion Vases, Totem Pole Vases, the Volcano, The Cucumber and The Triangle Vases.

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